Reinventing Ethics –


Reinventing Ethics –


One thought on “Reinventing Ethics –

  1. Interesting article. I’m inclined to disagree with some of his conclusions. Certainly, he’s correct that some of the unprecedented aspects of modern life, like the internet, raise ethical and moral questions that have not arisen in quite the same way in any past era. But I think moral/ethical questions have always been complex and difficult, to the extent that people consider them deeply and carefully. (Isn’t that what Socrates was always trying to demonstrate – that people’s knee-jerk assumptions about right and wrong tend to be overly simplistic?) The idea about recruiting “trustees” to monitor the ethics of various social institutions seems a bit pie-in-the-sky to me. Who is to monitor the “trustees”? And yet, many of our institutions do seem to muddle along moderately well (or at least not too much worse than they have muddled along through most of history, and often better) most of the time. Wikipedia is a remarkable example of a new phenomenon that functions astonishingly well most of the time from the perspective of maintaining a journalistic responsibility to convey information objectively and accurately.

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